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API Development&Integration

  • Custom APIs that align with your business goals.

  • Scalable and modular API solutions, employing best practices for future-proof and maintainable codebases.

  • Integrate external APIs, such as payment gateways and social media platforms.

Database Design&Management

  • Design and optimization of relational and NoSQL databases for high-performance and efficient query execution.

  • Scaling horizontally or vertically to accommodate growing data volumes and user loads.

  • Routine database maintenance, perform backups and apply updates and patches to ensure data integrity, security and system stability.


Cloud-Based Solutions

  • Leverage AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Run for scalable applications.

  • Load balancing and auto-scaling for high availability and minimized downtime.

  • Integration and Deployment: End-to-end integration with various services and databases, ensuring quick deployment and fostering a more collaborative and efficient development environment.

Real-time applications

  • Real-time applications that connect users instantly, such as Chats, live streaming, or gaming.

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