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Responsive Web Design

  • Fluid layouts with CSS Grid and Flexbox for optimal cross-device compatibility.

  • Media queries and adaptive images to ensure optimal performance and UX.

  • Consistent, modern styling using Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS.

Single Page Applications

  • ​Dynamic SPAs using React, Angular, or Vue.js for seamless user interactions.

  • Client-side routing with React Router, Vue Router, or Angular Router for navigational efficiency.

  • Optimize performance and user experience with lazy loading and code-splitting techniques.


UI&UX Design

  • Design of intuitive interfaces with Figma or Sketch and their implementation with popular frameworks (React, Angular, Vue).

  • Close collaboration with UX designers and backend developers, ensuring cohesive and well-integrated solutions.

Progressive Web App

  • Offline connectivity and fast load times with Service Worker implementation.

  • Deliver a native app-like feel on various devices through responsive design and Web App Manifest.
  • User engagement effectively through the integration of Push API and Notification API.

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