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GPT-powered Applications.


Custom-Designed Chatbot

  • Advanced customer support or consultation chatbot connected to your database.

  • Custom tuning and Propmt Engineering for remarkable results.

  • Tailored data preparation and database design to achieve the best performance.

  • Third parties software integration, like Telegram or your application's API.

Industry scale content generation

  • Large Language Models for generating SEO-optimized, high-quality content generation ( thousands of custom text in minutes )

  • Plagiarism checks and content validation, ensuring originality and compliance.

  • CMS integration for automated content publishing and management.

Custom Generated AI image

Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Advanced NLP capabilities for parsing and analyzing large datasets, extracting meaningful insights.

  • Industry scale sentiment analysis from custom news sources

  • Connect to any data source such as a proprietary SQL, PDFs, or HTML  for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Industry scale interpreting

  • Proficiency in 85 languages, offering a vast range of linguistic capabilities.

  • Unprecedented levels of translation accuracy and nuance, surpassing other machine solutions such as Google Translate.

  • Accurately translate jokes, statements, and idioms, ensuring the preservation of cultural context and subtleties

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